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Hello friends!  We are sorry about the absent posts last week...we have recently realized that 2 full time jobs, 2 tots, 2 dogs, 1 hamster and a love of blogs is way too much on our plate.  So we've decided to cut back...we thought about giving the kiddos away but that seemed a bit too harsh :)  We are going to take a break from L&F...we need to dedicate more time to our family and the other important things around us.  It may be few a few weeks, months, or years that you don't hear from us very often.  We may do a few posts here and there, but nothing consistent or scheduled.

We have some really fun things happening in our lives and we will share those as they happen but we wanted to let our fab followers know what to expect from our humble little blog in the next few months...

I also intend on sharing the entire "Getting Organized" list so that you all who started it can keep going!

We have made some unbelievable friends through L&F and we will always keep in touch!  You can still contact us through email at ladybirdandfellow@yahoo.com and I will continue to check it often.  This blog has been such a blessing to me as a creative outlet, diary, record book, and I have always loved checking out your blogs as inspiration!  

Thanks for the love all!  Check us out periodically for updates here and there...take care and best wishes!!
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"

check this out...

Check out this wicked bookcase found on decor8 a few weeks ago!  I love the color, the styling, the whimsy details...so cool.  Here are some more pics of the space so you get a better idea...

sooooo cool, right? {deep sigh}.

so true...

image found here
Ha!  Nothing was truer this weekend :)

Home Organization Challenge
Week #4:
Freezer & Refrigerator

happy Friday...

image found here

Hello lovelies...any plans this weekend?  I plan on curling up with the book series "The Hunger Games"...lets be honest though.  I will probably end up reading more of "Pout Pout Fish" and anything by the good ol' Doctor Suess.  Have a wonderful weekend and catch you all on the other side :)

PS-48 people requested the Longitude and Latitude prints...thanks for the kind words :)  Glad you like them!

candle recipe by 'Ruffled'...

We are making candles this weekend (hopefully)...there is nothing cozier on a cold January day than the warmth of a great candle.  We bought scents in Lemon bean, vanilla, fig, peach, and buttercream for some yummy combinations.  We found this great recipe here on Ruffled (which is great for you gals with weddings approaching and DIY in your hearts).

Here are the steps:

What you’ll need:
- Soy wax flakes (can be purchased in bulk in places like here…or at your local candle supply shop since we’re talking green)
- Wick (here + here)
- Containers. They can be vintage teacups, recycled jars, old tumblers, Depression glass goblets …
- Pitcher with spout
- Fragrance oil (I recommend this Etsy store if you’re making them in several different scents for your guests to choose from)
- Popsicle sticks, chopsticks, or something to hold the wick (we drilled a hole in the middle of Popsicle sticks, but you can also find ready made ones at candle supply stores)
- Candle dye, optional

Melt soy wax flakes in a double boiler, add in your favorite scents and dye. Once flakes have completely melted, set your pot away to cool down for a few seconds. In the meantime, warm up your glass containers using a blow-dryer for a minute. This will help the wax cool more evenly! Pour wax into containers, thread wick with Popsicle stick and let it cool for a few hours until solid. Cut wick about 1/4 inch long. 

For the packaging, we used recycled handmade gift wrap and watercolor tags. To make these tags, paint sheets of watercolor paper in different hues. Great stress reliever! Cut tags with a paper punch and tie using twine or other eco-friendly ribbon. 

latitude & longitude...

I am having a blast learning how to edit online with various programs and created these prints for our entryway.  I looked up our exact longitude and latitude for our house and came up with these little ditties...do we likey?  I am having them printed for just a few dollars at our local print shop and going to frame one of them with a Target poster frame...we will certainly share pictures when its all up and done.

If you want one with your info, just email us your home address at ladybirdandfellow@yahoo.com and we can whip one up for you! 

Happy Wednesday to you lovelies.

the Glow...

Have you checked out "The Glow"?  This inspiring photo blog follows inspiring and successful women as mothers and has wonderful photos of their home and children.  I discovered it a few weeks ago and just had to share some of the great stories that they tell!  Check it out here.  Here are some of my favorite photos:

26x26: Project #1, "Jewel Box Nightstand"

Before: Project #1 26x26

We picked up this little beauty at Salvation Army for $5...then we bought a gallon of a great aqua as a mis-tint for $7, and then also splurged on some fun paper for the bottom of the drawers on the inside for $5, and then the little piece of art on the top was a find for $4.99...for a total of $22. My lucky number!  Here is the after pics:

Waalaah!  Our first "26x26" Project (26 projects under $26)...next time: a fun lamp!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We had snow here in Portland...for about 5 minutes :)

52 Week Home Organization Challenge
Week #3:
Pantry and Food Storage areas
Good luck!!!

new Anthro love...{deep sigh}

I was parousing around the Anthro website and found these little beauties for sale.  What fun projects those of us with handy skills (not me) could have by trying to replicate these great pieces.  Anthro, you've done it again!  Can't wait to come in soon and take a looky-loo at some of these new beautiful pieces:

Banded Dhurrie Pillow

Glass Vase Bureau

Abigail Settee

Chroma Armoire

Umbra Coffee Table

Organ Pipe Chandelier

Lydia Bed

Bowled Over Lamp Base

Kitamura Cabinet

Thursday...breathe in...breathe out...

I have been at an off-site training all week for work and it is killer.  I am trying to bring a little zen to my crazy week through this photo.  To be honest, it ain't doing it for me.  After 5 days I am certainly going to need a nice tall drink...of hard liquor.  I made need to raid our pantry (or the neighbors) for the good stuff that will wipe this entire week away :)  Hope you are all having a better week than I!

spring fling...the maxi dress

Well...it is official.  I will not be losing any weight in my butt or my hips.  It's a fact people.  I have given up.  I don't really mind because the maxi dress will now be part of my go-to wardrobe.  I have a few maxi dresses now and they prove again and again to be comfy, cute, and hide those un-pleasantries that you may not want to reveal.  My case: the butt.  I have ordered about 4 in empire waist styles from J.Crew, H&M, Target, and Old Navy to increase my wardrobe.  Here is some inspiration:









dashing dining spaces...

I have dining rooms on the brain...we are "umphing" ours up a bit.  Here has been some of our inspiration...we are finding that dining rooms can be so fun to do!  Ours is tiny but we have some fun things planned.  Will share soon :)

52 Week Organization Challenge
Week #2: Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards
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