December 15, 2014

holiday party...


We had our party on Saturday and it was a great excuse to get together with friends!  As I mentioned before, my pal Hannah lent us the tables, chairs, plates, silverware, and glasses from her stock at Commonwealth.  When she came over, we thought a simple garland from Trader Joes (8 feet for $6.99) would be great and simple.  We mixed in a great bead garland my mom gave to us a few years ago along with brass candles and antlers.  I got the gray cardstock from 'Paper Source' and got the cute linen napkins from Acme ($25 for a roll of 25...cute, right?).  Hannah cut off sprigs of the garland to stick through the name cards for a simple and cute table setting.  It looked really nice with all the candles lit up at night to light up the room.

Jeremiah made pulled-pork sliders, lil' smokies, and we had some wine, milk & cookies, sparkling cider, and snacks for everyone.  All the guests brought a dish to share which included a chocolate Bundt cake, strawberry cheesecake, cream cheese shrimp cocktail dip, veggie trays, champagne, spinach dip, a green bean dish, etc.  It was all fantastic.  We have food for days over here!

Saturday morning, we had another party to go to which we were all very excited about:  A Santa breakfast!  It.Was.Awesome. 

All in all, it was a great weekend spent with great friends (and eating lots of great food).  By the way, Jeremiah got a little drunk at the party.  It was hilarious.  :)

December 10, 2014

holiday party prep...


We have our little holiday party on Saturday and we are pretty pumped.  I have found that having a "project" each year is good for my soul.  And although its a small task, especially when you have great friends to help, its still a good distraction from the chaos of the season to re-connect with friends.  We have only about 20 people coming (which is perfect) and all their kiddos.  Here is some inspiration to get anyone through the crazy holiday party season:

If you are interested in any links or info, they can found here.

December 4, 2014

map re-do...

So, quite a few years ago I found this beautifully framed vintage map.  It lived in several different rooms and it looked like this:

I always thought it was unique and charming, but I wanted to make it a little more 'dramatic' and bold.  I have a friend, Rosa, who is great at scripts so I asked her to help me.  We picked a font and a quote (I wanted to have a quote that was both somewhat travel-themed, and a good lesson for the kids to see everyday) and Rosa used a projector to put the script in a large font on the map itself.  This is how it looked before I painted it:

The kiddos and I hit Michael's Crafts a few weekends ago and picked up a large bottle of regular black paint (I didn't want a shiny finish or any sheen) and a few detail brushes.  It only took a few hours of painting (I had to do several coats) to turn it into this:

I am really happy with the way it turned out and love the way the map looks as the text.  Thanks so much to Rosa for helping me!!!  If you want her contact info for any script projects in the Portland area, email me. 

We hung it on the wall in the white family room above the comfy chair to the side of the sliding glass door.  It makes a big impact and hopefully sends a good message to all who see it:  "Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world." 

November 30, 2014


A few months ago, when I was picking up items for Hannah and GG, I found these little beauties at Home Goods and thought "what could we use these for?"  The big one was a measly $19.99 and the littler one was $9.99 (a GREAT deal because they are actually quite large).  We used them for a few events holding candy and straws but when Hannah said she wouldn't need them anymore, I jumped at the chance to take them home again.  I thought for a little while about what we could use them for and then thought "terrariums!"  Since we had a nice 4-day weekend, I thought this was a chance to hit our favorite Portland plant store 'Pistils' and have a go at it.

I will be honest with you all...I don't love 'messy' activities.  So this was a big stretch for me and I was also very careful to let them do what they wanted with them...not what I wanted.  I think they did pretty good since I wasn't overly involved on how they looked.  The gal working was extremely helpful and helped us pick out all the right items:
  • Charcoal
  • Succulent planting soil
  • rocks
  • moss
  • low-light succulents
  • gravel/sand
  • animals (our favorite part, of course)
PS-the kiddos and I watched Jurassic Park for the first time last night so I wasn't surprised when Maddux went for a dino.

Check out the 'Pistils' website here and make sure to visit them on your next trip to Mississippi Avenue in Portland.  The store itself is pure eye-candy and they also have a ton of great ideas for the inside or outside of your home.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

November 22, 2014

life lately...

Hello all!  Life has been getting away from us lately and we've been so busy that I haven't had the heart (or energy) to sit down for a post recently, so sorry for that.  Everything is great, just chaotic! 

October came and went...Jeremiah and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in October.  We had some lofty plans (a boat ride and romantic dinner) but when the day came along we decided for a quiet dinner at our favorite hokey steakhouse (to be left un-named, but people "down-under" seem to like it) and to rent a movie ('Neighbors').  Well, dinner kinda sucked and the movie skipped in the DVD player, so we ended up eating left-overs from the fridge and watching 'Survivor.' Classic. We were totally fine with it and it seemed fitting that our best-laid plans never quite work out, but that's okay.  We were happy as long as we were together.

Maddux and Paetyn also decided to start some instruments lately.  P has been in a funk lately about being left-handed and we found it a little difficult to find a great instrument for her.  But when we walked into a drum store, she fell in love.  So we picked up a set and found a great local teacher that she really likes.  Maddux decided on a trumpet.  If our house was loud before, we are in for it now.

We also went to 'Disney on Ice' with friends which was actually pretty great.  I was afraid that the kids would be too old, but they completely enjoyed it.  If you get the chance to go, do it!  It will not disappoint.  The kiddos loved it and it was an absolute hoot watching their faces when the classic Disney villains showed up on the ice as part of the act.  Maddux became very concerned when Cruella DeVille came and told all the kiddos around us that we needed to keep the fact that we had a Dalmatian at home a secret.  It. Was. Cute. 

Halloween also snuck up on us...Paetyn went as a pirate and Maddux went as (in his words) "that Jurassic park guy if he got to ride a dinosaur."  Not kidding.  Very random, but do-able.  My parents were here from the coast, so my dad went trick-or-treating with us (as well as Meg, she was a doctor) and it was a fun night.

I also recently gave notice at my job and I am excited for bigger and better things.  I loved the company I worked for and I learned a lot as a HR manager, but sometimes things are just not a good fit.  My last week will be the week of Christmas so I can begin the new year with a new adventure!  I am excited (and nervous) but if it weren't scary, it wouldn't be worth the risk, right?  I am hoping so :) 

We are also having a holiday party in December so I have been busy planning, planning, and planning.  Having a great friend in the rental business with great products is a major plus :).  Oh, if you didn't know, 'Geanne Genevieve' is no more...Hannah had an amazing opportunity to buy a local vintage rental business that went on the market so she bought it!  It's a great move for her and I couldn't be prouder of her!  We will be getting quite a few things from her for the party and of course she will be helping me.  What more could a girl ask for?  Check out 'Common Wealth Rentals' here.

So I think that's it.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and have a great Thanksgiving!

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