Wildlife Safari...

Last weekend I needed to go down to the Ashland/Medford area (Southern Oregon) and it worked out to drag Jeremiah and the kiddos along. 

Since we were going sort of last minute, I ended up booking a room at a resort right outside of Ashland and it is known for their natural spring mineral soaks.  When we opened the door to the room we were pleased as punch to find a big beautiful room with a huge bathtub in the corner.  Well, that happens to be where the kiddos slept for 2 nights :)  No worries, they loved it!  We threw in all the extra pillows and they thought it was pretty awesome.

We had fun visiting my brother, playing some tennis, and exploring Ashland.

Last year on the way home from Ashland we visited this safari and hung out with camels!  This year we decided to spend the day with giraffes and elephants.  We booked some 'Animal Encounters' to feed the giraffes and elephants.  The kiddos loved it and it was pretty amazing.

We would certainly recommend it to anyone who is planning a trip and traveling on I5 past Winston, Oregon.  The staff was great, animals were amazing, and experience was well worth it.

You can find more information here.