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Last weekend I took off to Nebraska for a few days...for those of you who don't "actually" know me in real life, I grew up in Lincoln from the age 8 through college and actually graduated from the University of Nebraska before Jeremiah and I moved out to the northwest.  I have very fond memories of life in the Midwest and find I get pretty homesick.  So, Jeremiah bought me a ticket home for a few days and I got to see friends and family.  It was wonderful!  I stayed with my best friend from high school, Jennifer, who actually has a 14-year old and 11-year old daughter (which is nuts).  Sydney, her 14-year old was our flower girl at our wedding :).  I also saw another great high school friend, Nadia, and my gal pal that I moved out to Kansas City with, Jocelyn.  It was a great time and we ate at all my favorite restaurants, went to a high school football game, went by the house I grew up in, shopping, had a big home-cooked meal with my entire family, and went to a Husker volleyball game.  It was an absolute blast, but I am also glad to be home :)

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