whale watching...

I am a major geek when it comes to marine biology.  I strongly considered it as a major in college, but all the science courses were a little much for me so my dad told me something when I was changing majors: "you can always see whales and dolphins in the wild.  And you can always go to Broadway." I was debating between theatre, marine biology, and business.  I went the business route. 

Anyways, my parents live on the coast and ALWAYS see whales from their place.  But not when I am there.  I went on the Alaska boat cruise and they ALWAYS see whales on the boat.  But not when I am there. So, Jeremiah was a little nervous when we got on the boat in Anacortes, Washington for a whale-watching tour.  

Within 30 minutes we saw a pod of whales and then we saw another pod a few hours later.  It was amazing.  I teared-up when we saw the first one because I have basically been waiting 36 years to see an Orca.  Seriously.  And they came right next to the boat which was incredible.

The kids loved it too!  Paetyn was totally into it and then after the 20th whale, Maddux started to think "you've see 20 whales, you've been them all."  So we kinda lost his excitement.  

I felt kinda icky after about an hour, so Jeremiah was the nicest husband and stood outside pointing out all the orcas to me in the cabin and he also took 1,158 pictures.  Not kidding :)

It was amazing and I will never forget it.  We used Island Adventures and they were awesome!

Certainly a memory for the category:"best days ever."