New York state of mind...

If you don't know me too well, you probably don't know that I work for a sports-related non-for-profit.  The US Open is a huge event for us, therefore myself and a great group of co-workers got to go to NYC for 6 days to take in all the sites and see some amazing tennis (and go to a few meetings). 

I arrived on Thursday and went to the US Open on Thursday night with a great friend from NY and we got to see Federer play.  

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday and then I hit the Broadway show "American in Paris" that night (which was amazing!).  We were lucky enough to see the Tony-award winning cast (the original cast) which was very exciting.

On Saturday we did some meetings and then went to the Saturday night matches.  On Sunday, one of my co-workers and I went to the day-side matches and we got to see Serena Williams.  Sunday night I went to bed early at 4pm and basically slept until 7am the next day:)

Some other trip highlights included eating an authentic NY slice of pizza, shopping in Brooklyn, taking the subway, visiting Bryant Park and Grand Central Station, seeing Times Square, and took lots of cabs and did a lot of walking!

Monday we had a few more meetings and then got to sit in the President's Box with my co-workers to see the Federer/Isner match which was incredible.  I have never been able to do anything like that before and it was very humbling and the definite highlight of my career so far.

So glad to be home!  Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day :)