I got back from Alaska yesterday and it was an amazing trip, I have to say.  I left on Tuesday and I think 5 days was the perfect amount of time.  We did a lot of amazing things (and I have some amazing hosts to thank for that):
  • 5-hour boat tour from Whittier, Alaska to see glaciers and we also saw otter families, seals, and salmon
  • While on the boat tour we drank "Glacier Margaritas" where the ice was actual glacial ice that we knocked off the glacier.  Very cool!
  • Nature conservatory where we saw a porcupine that whines, moose, reindeer, buffalo, foxes and bears
  • Went through a mountain-side tunnel that takes 8 minutes to get through at 30 MPH (I didn't love that, but it was pretty cool anyways)
  • Bike riding in Anchorage around numerous lakes and parks
  • Dinner at a restaurant that sits right next to a lake where sea planes land every few minutes
  • Also went to dinner at "Crow's Nest" which is on the highest floor of the Captain Cook Hotel and the room we were in was surrounded by windows so that you get an amazing view of downtown Anchorage and the ocean
  • We played some tennis which seems boring, but its not when you are surrounded by mountains on all sides!

So glad to be home and it was a wonderful trip!