Babies and surrogacy...

Hello all!  So excited to share that the twins were born on Saturday around 4pm!  Everyone is doing great and mom and dad are over the moon.  The day was long and hard, but we all got through it and now I am home recovering.  Here is a detailed account of the day if you care to know the details:

Saturday morning, 1am:  Woke Jeremiah up because I was having intense back pain.  No contractions or anything else, just back pain I had never felt before.  Called the on-call doctor and they said we should probably come in. 

Saturday morning, 1:30am: One of our dearest friends (and kiddos god parent) Hannah comes over to be with our kiddos and we take off to the hospital.  (Still nothing other than back pain).

Saturday morning, 3am:  Doctor checks me and I am dialated 5 cm.  Thankgoodness my instincts were right!  I really didn't want to be sent home ;)

Saturday morning, 5am: Still at 5 cm :(

Saturday morning, 7am: Dialated to 7 cm

Saturday morning, 9am: Still at 7 cm and they give me epidural (just in case).  By this time I am STILL not feeling any contractions.

Saturday morning, 11am: Still at 7 cm

Saturday afternoon, 11:30 am: Still at 7!!!!!  Seeing a pattern?

Saturday afteroon, 12pm:  Wheeled me into the operating room to break my water.  Maddux came along super fast so they wanted to be ready in case the same happened here.  Water broke for an hour=no change=my first official breakdown :)  It had been a long day and I was upset that all these people were waiting for these babies to come and nothing was working :(  They move me back to my room to put me on pitocin (creates contractions to start labor).

Saturday afternoon, 1pm-3:30pm: Nothin.

Saturday afternoon, 4pm:  Great nurse for the day comes in and asks how I am feeling.  "I am having a little bit of pressure" I say.  "Let me check you" she says.  The next moment was priceless.  Let me set up the scenerio for ya:  Jeremiah is asleep in the bed next to me.  The nurse checks me and screams "She's crowning! We gotta go!"  If you don't know what that means, look it up.  Otherwise lets move on...

Nurse starts to unplug everything that I am hooked up to so that she can move me into the operating room and Jeremiah is frantically jumping into his operating room gear.  She wheels me into the operating room where everyone is waiting.  Jeremiah runs in with his gear all taped up (his zipper broke on the way in so they taped him up so he could get into the room faster). 

Saturday afternoon, 4:02 pm: Baby girl is born.

To be honest, I don't remember hardly anything from labor.  I think it was a combination of exhaustion and Jeremiah said I was in and out of conscienceness throughout the delivery.  I do however remember pushing and Jeremiah with his surgical mask on.  I spent most of the delivery with my eyes closed or on Jeremiah.  He said I nustled my head into his side and just pushed through the entire time.  He asked me a few times "are you still with us" and I would nod my head, but other than that I was in a blur. 

Saturday afternoon, 4:15 pm: Baby boy is born.  The babies both cried when they arrived and were taken to mom and dad in the NICU next door where they were waiting. 

After that, it was smooth sailing for recovery and going home.  I stayed Saturday night and Sunday night (I had to have a blood transfusion for blood loss so thats why I stayed so long).  Jeremiah went and saw the new mom and dad with the babes in the NICU and said everyone was doing great!

Baby girl, Aria, weighed 4.13 lbs.
Baby boy, Finn, weighed 5.13 lbs.

I am now home and feeling great.  Ready to get back to normal life (which the kids introduced me back to right away!) and excited to get fit and rest. 

Everyone keeps asking how I feel and if I am still glad I did it.  I honestly feel great and truly blessed that I was able to do this for a beautiful family.  Glad I did it.  Won't do it again. :)  I am 34 years old and to be honest the pregnancy took a real toll on me because of the "twin" thing and my age I think.  I feel great now and look forward to a quick recovery!  The next few weeks may be hard, but I have a wonderful family and friend support system in case I fall apart :)!

Jeremiah, other than being the love of my life and best friend, was absolutely awesome during the entire experience.  I couldn't have done it without his support and patience.  He is such a good man and I am truly blessed in every way to have him by my'd I get to be so lucky?

We have lunch plans in the next few weeks to meet up with the new parents so we can bring lunch and see the littles.  They will have to stay in the NICU for a week or so, so we want to give them plenty of time to get their ducks in a row first.  Our kiddos will join so they can have some closure as well, but I think it will bring a nice little ending to our bizarre and adventurous story we have here.  
Hope your weekend was as exciting as ours! :)