weekend in bend...

We all took our annual trip to Bend this past weekend.  It was an absolute blast!  We don't usually take the kiddos along, but last year I kept thinking "the kiddos would really like this" so we decided to bring them along this year. 

On Saturday morning we went "off-roading" (according to the kids and the dirt road) about 30 minutes from Bend and headed to Tumalo Falls.  It was about a mile hike and then we found some great little brooks where we could wade in the water and have our picnic.  They were real troopers!  We also threw pinecones into the rushing river, hit the local street fair, and made a fort in the room for the kiddos to sleep in.  It was a great trip :)

We got home on Sunday afternoon and we took some nice naps ;)  I took today (Monday) off of work and Jeremiah took me to the driving range for the first time ever today and I had a blast.  Then we went and ran some errands and then went to his employee work party where we played games, ate cotton candy and the kiddos had their faces painted.

All in all, it was a terrific weekend!  Hope you all were able to enjoy the sun wherever you may be :)