weekend in pictures...

Hello all, happy Wednesday!  I hope you had a nice Easter weekend.  I stole the kiddos away for the weekend so daddy could have some peace and quiet, and so that we could visit my brother and their family.  It is about a 5-hour drive so we buckled down with some movies  (and me with a audio book, 'Divergent'.  Soooo good) and we were on our way!  Some of our highlights included:
  • Making animal pancakes (can you guess what they are?)
  • Hitting up my favorite park (Lithia Park in Ashland)
  • Going to ScienceWorks museum
  • Camel ride on Calvin at the "safari" on the way home
  • Shopping at my favorite store ever!  "Prize" in Ashland.  You.Must.Go.There.
  • Swimming and going down a 2-story waterslide!! 
  • Visited a stream where we threw rocks and sticks
  • Fed some bunnies (Luna and Luigi)...after all, it was Easter ;)
  • And we got the call mid-weekend that Maddux won the local Albertsons coloring contest and he replied "this is the best weekend ever!"