Bambino bath-time

Bath time = fun time at our house!  Since the kiddos are young enough, we can throw them in the tub together and it is a great "time filler" (as I like to say to our babysitters and/or parents) because it entertains them for at least 30 minutes (or until the bubbles all go away)...whichever comes first!

Since we have a lot of mamas and papas out there who may need some assistance in finding this watery wonderland, we thought we could share some of our favorite products to make bath-time more fun (for kiddos and parents alike).  And who doesn't need that, right?

1.  A good fizzie!  For those of you who are not familiar with "fizzies" they can also be called bath bombs, etc.  One of P's favorite bath moments is when she gets to pick out the fizzie from a big tin bucket under the bathroom sink.  They come in a variety of colors and scents to appease just about every critic (old and young).  They are primarily targeted to women, but the soy oil is great for little ones AND they turn the bath water different colors!  Bonus for a little guy/gal who doesn't really enjoy bath time.

Bath bombs from Me

2.  Some good ol' bath toys!  We personally enjoy music toys, boats, or action figures!  The action figures we have are from a WWF set which actually work out great because they don't hold any water so you don't have to worry about mold or standing water.  We've learned that lesson from "squeeze" toys because you can't always get all the water and little ones like to put them in their mouths...YUCK!  We love this boat set from Pottery Barn Kids with little foam pirates and ship!

3.  A good rubber ducky.  Absolutely necessary!  I don't know whether its Ernie (from Sesame Street) or whether there is such a variety now, but rubber ducks are the best!  Make sure you pick one out that doesn't have a hole on the bottom so that you don't get that pesky mold problem.  This one is from Elegant Baby and has a ton of color options!

4.  A good toy holder (that is also cute, of course) is ideal for kiddos who take a lot of baths.  We found that the mesh holders simply just don't work (they tend to slide down the side of the tub) and are on the bath tub floor within the hour.  We L-O-V-E this dandy froggy that is perfect!  Even has a spot for holding shampoo and bubble bath.   You can find this guy at Target.

5. Good soaps and bubbles!  We have sensitive little ones when it comes to soaps and/or perfumes, so we try and be careful what we put on their skin.  So, we were so pleased to find "Noodle & Boo" a terrific bath line of products.  They carry everything from SPF sunscreen to hair detanglers!  We have to say that the bubble bath in this line didn't go over very well with our pint-sized critics...the bubbles only last a few minutes, however you don't really need true bubble bath when you have a fizzie.  But, you can use the shampoo too.

6. A good towel!  Who wants to get out of the nice warm tub and NOT have a nice towel to wrap up in!  These great little creature towels are a must-have in our home and its fun to get a new one every few years and let them pick it out.  Here is our little monster in his fav monster towel!  We picked up ours at Pottery Barn Kids (we think they have the softest ones around).

We also make "bath-time" our go-to theme for all new little ones and mommies to-be!  It is a great way to tie in baby and momma in the same gift and they will use the products almost every day for the first few months!  It is a fun theme to give and you can make it really personal (if you know the mommy really well) or make it generic if you are giving a gift to someone you may not know too well!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!