Design've done it again!

 I "heart"
Although everyone else and their dog knows about the fabulous blog "design sponge" I have only known about it for the last year or so.  "Loser" I gather is what you are saying in your head right now, but I am happy to admit it anyways!   It has such a great mix of so many things: before and after pics of amazing rooms and furniture pieces, gift ideas, craft tutorials, the list could go on and on!  I just love it so and "it makes my heart feel super happy" (Ni Hao Kai Lan reference to those out there without little ones).  Here are some great ideas for the "foodie" in your life or someone who just enjoy the art of a good gift idea!  Just read what one of their contributors said about gift-giving:

"Nothing makes me happier than giving a unique gift, or one that has taken significant personal investment.  I have divided my guide into two parts.  The first part are all samples of work that some of my favorite artisans make.  The images you see are just representative of their work.  I have worked with almost all of them throughout the year on commissioned pieces for myself and friends and really enjoy the collaborative process.  The second part is about enabling someone to give or personalize, so I have included ideas about things you can make or find yourself, or you can give to people who may in turn appreciate making and giving something on their own."-Kristina

1. Items for the kitchen + furniture, handmade from reclaimed wood and fallen trees, by Andrea Brugi.  Pictured:  Olive wood cutting board (starting at €60), olive wood salt cellars (€50 each).  2.  Cup and saucer by Karin Eriksson. ($70)  3.  Handmade porcelain products by Caroline Swift.   Visit website for new products.  4.  Christmas ornaments made from the discarded wood pieces from Andrea Brugi’s work.  By Samina Langholz 5.  Inscribed plate by Sabine Csampai, set of two (120).  6.  Espresso cup (powder, $22), small dinner plate (dust, $47), dipping bowl (white, $35).  Three of five new shades of white introduced by mud australia this year.  Find the perfect color to match your friend’s interior.  7.  Espresso cups with gold stars and dessert dishes by Le Petit Atelier de Paris. (Contact for details)  8.  Zinnia soap dish by Molly Hatch.  9.  Maple flour scoop by Herriott Grace.  

1.  Hard to find initials, or interesting typography.  Pictured large aluminum letter, found in a Parisian market.  K is not easy to find!!  2.  A contribution to a worthy cause that you know your friend cares about, in your friend’s name.  An example here based on food, World Food Programme.  3.  Tartine Bread cookbook.  Bake a great loaf, wrap it and take it to someone.  4.  Print your own artwork and have it framed.  Pictured “Art Depot” by Kristina Gill.  5.  Doughnuts cookbook by Lara Ferroni.  Bake and deliver, or have them waiting when family and friends come over.  6.  A gift subscription to a magazine.  The gift will come throughout the year!  Pictured, Australian Gourmet Traveller.  7.  Tender Volume II by Nigel Slater.  All about fruit, all about dessert.  Bake something with winter bounty to take along to a party.

Read more at Design*Sponge or follow the link in my "Favorite Blogs"!