Master Bedroom Refresh

When the new year rolls around, I like to change things up (who am I kidding?  I don't wait for the new year)...I am a constant re-arranger!  I have been forever and I can't quite pin-point why, but it is probably some sick way of controlling my world but instigating change at the same time???  Maybe I really should see someone...

well, anywho...we have pretty large Master with 4 amazing windows and I am always struggling with what to cover them with and how to make the room look cozy but also stylish!  Anyone else have that problem too?

So here is a start and we will see where we end up...shall we? 

The top color here is our wall color from Behr is soothing, but yet bright and gives up the perfect contrast between sunny and soothing at the same time.  I have finally decided to add in some other tones from this paint swatch and see how it turns out!  I am taking the plunge and I thought I might share some of the other items that we already have and/or are thinking about getting!  Here goes nothing:

This is not our exact bed, however the coloring is right...we have a larger chunky 4-poster, but you get the idea!

I have been admiring this duvet set from Dwell Studios for a long time, and it finally went on sale so we ordered it!  I love the idea of black (since we have the 2 monster and dogs) so nothing will show up on it!  Also, it has owls on it!  Love.

We had a great gold metallic sunburst mirror that will hang above the bed...likey?

We have this HUGE wall dresser/cabinet/armoire thingy that has been driving us crazy for years!  Yes it has the storage, but such an eye sore!  I am thinking of replacing with something like this for a splash of color and certainly more pleasing to the eye!  We also have a mission style recliner that has a very deep maroon/rhubarb color to it so it should play off this dresser nicely!  

These linen panels from Pottery Barn were just the ticket so I ordered 6...may sound like a lot but since it is a slight shade darker than our wall color, they will last forever...or until I change the wall color again! ;)

I love these textured pillows from Pottery Barn too!  My friend Heather has one and I have always wanted to sneak it into the diaper bag and bring it home!  I think I may order the long one in the celery green to throw on the bed!  Yes?

I love this owl lamp from West Elm but wonder if it is too much?  I may pick up a pair of cheap lights and see what kind of magic I can work ("I get by with a little help from my friends")!


Our end tables are similar to this but are slightly larger with no the brass and glass combo!

What do you think?  I think I am in love!  Looks so great all put together, I think!  We should be able to get everything done in the next few weeks!  Stay tuned!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!