The Modern Shed roll-call! Everyone here?

Here at "The Modern Shed" we are always working hard to bring beautiful pieces to the Portland, Oregon area!  Can you see Heather and I waving from next to the barn?  Ha!  Just kidding!  We wish this was our office...maybe one day, right?  We are almost through the alphabet (just 10 pieces away) and then we will start all over again with "A".  So, we wanted to take a quick roll-call of our pieces so far and say "thank you" again to all of our great customers and followers in the Oregon and Washington areas!

A: Ashleigh Armoire-Sold

B: Bentley Clock-Sold

C: Claire Desk-Sold

D: Danielle Chair-Sold

E: Elaine Mirror-available!

F: Finleigh Bookcase-Sold

G: Griffey Benches-Sold

H: Heather Entryway piece-Sold

I: Isaac Credenza-Sold

J: Jennifer Dining set-Sold

L: Lizbeth Coffee Table-Sold

N: Natalya Dresser-Sold

P: Peter Side Table-available!

Now, I know we are missing a few letter (and yes, we do know our alphabet), but we name pieces before we start them and sometimes business dictates we get some pieces done quicker than others!  Pieces that should be making their debut in the next few weeks: Katie (a trunk), Mabel (a cabinet), & O'brien (a settee).  Then we should all be caught up and ready to start our "Quinn"...we are keeping our eyes peeled for that perfect piece!  Found something you love?  Contact us and we can use the same color, or find a piece that same style for you!  Thanks for looking!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "ladybird" & Jeremiah "fellow!" (and Heather!)