Peacock-palooza (on Etsy)

Pillow by "modernthread"

I've discovered recently that I may have a new small obsession with peacocks.  I've even considered  making it a permanent part of Paetyn's room!  After searching Etsy for some additional inspiration, I was surprised to find a lot of Peacock paraphernalia out there!  I thought I would share some of our favs:

Hair accessory by "PetalAndThorn"

Art by "CollageOrama"

Gorgeous scarf by "ROOTSinWONDER"

Photograph by "MatildaRosePhotos"

Necklace by "babygirl88"

Photograph by "kimberlyblok"

Adorable gift tags by "heatherjeany"

Cute childrens' print by "jenskelley"

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