Terrarium Fever, baby!

I think that its official...I am obsessed with terrariums!  I don't have one yet (I have 2 old mason jars saved for a rainy afternoon for the kiddos) but I am officially "interested" in anything terrarium!  I have always been intrigued with the whole "ship in a bottle" but I think that this is a very good alternative!  Also, I can't keep plants alive...or parakeets...or frogs...so this may be a great way to get my green thumb back (if I ever had one).  I also have always struggled with coming up with something great for our dining table, and a grouping of terrariums may do the trick.  Here is some more inspiration that I found today...

"The Botany Factory" offers terrariums at a few stores in San Francisco or you can commission and pick it up yourself. Katie Goldman-MacDonald takes such special care in making her terrariums they look like little worlds unto themselves. 

I like the idea of a family of terrariums. They come in so many different sizes. "The Slug & the Squirrel" has an amazing array of all types of terrariums. You could probably find one for everyone you know. The glass they choose to work with is really lovely and has such character, from vintage to modern...each one has such a great look.

The ladies who run "Twig Terrariums" have such a sense of humor and mischief with their work. We hope to get to see them next time we visit Brooklyn, if not I may have to mail order a kit. Too fun and a great gift to boot!

"Wendilends"minimalist terrarium kits are both beautiful and pretty funny. Perfect for your black thumb and ‘serenity now’ moments.

"Paula Hayes" living art pieces are so amazing to me. We really love that she has brought the terrarium into the galley space. Her pieces are truly living beauties. Be sure to explore her whole site — she brings plants to a whole new level.

Thanks to Meighan at: http://www.myloveforyou.typepad.com!  You can read more at her blog!

And here are some more photos to get those creative juices flowin: