Thanks to "all my H's"...Heather, Hannah, and hubs

So, last Saturday night was "thee night out" of the season for a few was the holiday party for my new job, a date, I got all dressed up and so did Jeremiah, we got a sitter,  I had my makeup AND hair done, and....we haven't been out in what seemed forever just Jeremiah and I.

Okay, let me back track a bit to include all my "H's"... a week or so before Heather (my gal pal from "The Modern Shed") wanted to give my little elves a Christmas present.  She dropped the box off to J sometime during the kids' nap, but as soon as they got up they went straight to it under the tree like bees on honey.  Now, let me tell you this...there are about 30 presents ALREADY under the tree, so they have been studying that little "Christmas corner" for sometime to notice when one gift has been sneaked into the group.

Anyways, they asked everyday if they could open it and finally last Saturday afternoon we gave in knowing that our best babysitter EVER, Hannah, was going to come over.  She is always great with them and I always try to have an "activity" to help move the evening along.  So, Hannah knew about the Gingerbread House and thought it would be a blast.

Earlier that day, Heather braved me and the kids in her house while she dolled me all up!  Makeup, hair...she certainly worked her magic that night.  So, thanks to her for the G. House and all the help with the bags under my eyes, pb&j that she probably flat-ironed into my hair, and for letting me use her dear mothers' lipstick! ;)

So, after squeezing into my new dress from J.Crew I actually looked human again!  Always a good look.

Jeremiah and I went out, had some great food, even better drinks, hung out with my awesome new co-workers...overall a great evening.  When we arrived home the gingerbread house was decked out with a peanut-butter cup door (with doorknob and doormat), roof of "Fruit by the Foot" alongside M&M's, and peppermint shingles!  Great job Hannah and the kiddos for that!  Apparently Maddux had learned in "Gingerbread House-building School" that you always have to lick the candy BEFORE you place it on the house.  Otherwise it doesn't stick...duh.

Heather did a great job with the Christmas present!  As most of us parents know, the last thing we need is more toys that we have to figure out what "category" do they go in at clean up time, buying batteries for the darn thing, and then you just feel bad when it finally makes its way to the Goodwill.  Heather had this year spot-on!!  Thanks again girl!  If you can give an "activity" or experience rather than just a toy, most (if not all) moms and dads will give a thumbs-up for that!

We were going to use the Gingerbread House as our first "Thursday Art" night and report back to you, but we thought this was just too fun to let Hannah and the kids miss out on!  Our art projects will start in January, and of course we will report back to our mama's and papa's out there!  
Thanks again to Heather and Hannah!  You guys rock our world!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!