The family room

Since we are not quite ready to make our "Ladybird & Fellow" debut as far as our entire home goes, we thought we could give you a little peak at our family room!  Nothing special, however we do spend most of our time in here watching movies, playing games, art, etc.  We promise to reveal more things and rooms as we are ready (we have a lot of projects to finish first) and we will share all the gory details with you along the way!

One of our favorite things in our house are these wire hang systems (made originally for curtains) but we turned ours into a revolving picture/art studio!  We picked them up for $14.99 (+ $4.99 for each corner piece) from Ikea.  Perfect for us and my need to rearrange!  Also, it allows us to change it as the kiddos grow and art can go up on this rather than the fridge!

Hope this sneak peak is enough for you for the time being!  More photos and rooms to come!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!