Ticings (how enticing)!

Who doesn't need a little more help when it comes to a children birthday parties?  Me, absolutely! 

Ticings are super simple to use, even your kiddos can do it. They come in sheets and you simply press them onto your frosting. They have quite the selection, although you may need to "stretch" your birthday party theme a tad to make one of the designs work. We do love the pretty and modern designs, many of them geared to children. Ticings come in a few different sizes and can even be used on icing with cookies!  Bonus!

Just what are Ticings made of you're wondering? They're simply thin, edible (and gluten-free) sheets of icing with designs of food grade ink.

We love products that make us look more creative, craftier and, frankly, more capable than we really are. If you can bake a cake or cupcakes but feel like you fall short in the decorating department, Ticings may be your new best friend.

Awesome, right?  We think so here at the "Ladybird & Fellow" household!  You can learn more about this nifty little product at www.ticings.com!  Check it out!