Tractors, and trains, and planes...oh my!

I have a little man who absolutely loves cars, trucks, get the idea!  Anything with wheels fills his fancy, so when I came across this adorable play mat, I just knew that I had to share. If you know a little person who loves toy cars, then you have to bookmark this one. 

This play mat is absolutely stunning. It has Grandma's house complete with button fruit trees, a school, a gas station with an elastic hairband gas pump hose, the local toy store, a cupcake shop and even Trader Joes!  We're so happy that Jill Green of "Homemade by Jill" is around (to make us un-crafty people look TERRIBLE), but she never ceases to blow me away with her creativity. Even though this gorgeous gift for her son took her 50 hours to make and aged her 10 years, we totally agree when she says it was it worth it!

Now, don't be discouraged...we have a good alternative!  This handy mat from Ikea is a great fill-in for those of us who don't have that "creativity gene" and it goes for only $14.99!  Check it out!  

Now, it may not be quite as impressive, but I do have to say this:  when can you say that you went to the circus, a football game, an igloo, and the desert in one play-filled afternoon?  We think its pretty great and picked one up for Maddux on our last trip to our local Ikea.  Quite the steal. 
Check out this "car" birthday party she threw for her little man who was turning 2!  Simply awesome!  She is certainly a personal hero of mine with 2 little ones and quite crafty to boot.  Hats off to you Jill!

is a great spot to find inspiration and ideas for little ones!  Keep it coming, Jill!  Thanks!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!