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upholstery on the brain

When Heather and I were working on "The Modern Shed" in recent months, we realized that the space in my garage was far too cold to work in these Oregon winter months.  We thought that perhaps we would work on smaller projects that we could bring indoors where it is nice and toasty (along with TV to watch, and hot chocolate to be had whilst sitting next to a heating vent).  Although we had this in mind, we find pieces that we just have to get our hands on (including a beautiful china cabinet that we named "Mabel" and a dresser, "Natalya" that just premiered on "The Modern Shed" website-click tab above to check out our work)!

We have recently learned to look beyond the familiar wood pieces, although beautiful,  because sometimes change is good, right?  We have decided to set our eyes on small upholstery projects to broaden our experience horizon, while having some real fun with fabrics, colors, and challenging ourselves.  Let's say this straight up...upholstery is not easy.  Probably why so many people steer clear and let the professionals handle it.  But, we've decided to buy a few pieces and invest some time, staples, paint, money, fabric, and sweat into figuring out how it is done. 

Here are a few pieces of inspiration that we can glance at when we feel like stapling our eye lids shut from all this work!  Enjoy!

house beautiful

house beautiful