"Godfrey" the sofa (per Paetyn's request)

We decided to take a little break from "The Modern Shed" for the holiday break which gave me a chance to work on some little home projects.  The only piece that I have painted for our home is the little round blue coffee table in our living room, so I thought it may be time to tackle something else!  I scored this little sofa from Craigslist for only $35 and it went from this....
to this...

We were just thrilled about how it turned out!  We name all of our pieces at "The Modern Shed" to personalize them (and for our own sanity so we can keep them straight) so Paetyn asked to name this guy.  I explained to her that we are keeping it, but she insisted on a name!  So she picked "Godfrey."  I save to say, I think it fits it perfectly!

When Heather first saw it, she suggested black and I think its perfect!  Thanks Heather!  We primed it, put 2 coats of black, and then added a piece of M.D.F. for under the cushions because the straps had seen better days! This baby is going to live in our living room and I think it will be a great addition!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!