I love me some Anthro in the Springtime!

I am aware that my title is not proper grammar, but I begin talking that way when I see the new line at Anthropologie come out each season.  Since I am not in "that world" anymore, I can truly appreciate my closet and all the pretty things that I have from my wonderful time of working there.

However, I still have to pine when all the new beauts debut and I always figure out "my look" that I want to go for.  Now, I am NO fashionista (just ask any of my friends) but I am a fan of looking cute and being comfy!  This year how about them great sweaters and comfy scarfs ( I am always cold, even in July here in the Northwest) some great flats, boots, great sailor jeans, & a nifty knee-length denim skirt.  Also some pretty swanky bags-which I can't afford...they usually become christened with applesauce within minutes of arrival to my home :)

These may be some new fun outfits that may be joining my closet soon!  Lets take a look from top to bottom, shall we?

or maybe this little ditty:

How late is that Anthro open anyway?  ;)

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!