a piece of our home...

Finally we are wrapping up some home projects and comfortable taking some photos of our ever-changing home!  Here is just a glance of the places in our house that make us "happy"!  Enjoy and if you have any ideas or feedback, please let us know!  We would love to hear your thoughts on ways to improve our spaces.

Our front porch...

This is our living room...we have been hanging out in here most often since it has kind of become "game central" so we can pull up some chairs and play a good ol' game of Chutes & Ladders...

This is our view from the stairs...we picked up the beach logs from my parents' house when J and I went away for a weekend.  J hung them and now they are a favorite in our home.  Heather and I came up with an inexpensive way to jazz them up a little more.  Hopefully I can show you that in the next few weeks. 

And here's the view from the dining room and there is the front door on the right...that gray dresser is something that works out really well for our front entry (since we don't have a coat closet) so it holds the mail, our hats and gloves, and shoes. 

And this is Paetyn's room...we just repainted it a beautiful gray and let her pick out the color when we painted a new Jenny Lind style twin bed for her.

We also have this nifty reading corner...Heather found a set of these chairs for us and they are super comfy!  The wicker basket holds her stuffed animals...genius, right?  You may be asking "where are all the toys?"  We recently moved all her clothes into the white armoire so that she could reach them when on her handy stool, and now all her toys are in the closet.  We will be showing that in a week or so when we show-off our handy organizations skills.  (wink.)

This is our master bedroom which we just did a mini-makeover for...splurged on the duvet cover from Dwell Studio and now we love our king size bed!  Found a pair of those lamp bases at the Goodwill for $5.95 each!  I know, right?

And here's the family room, probably where we spend the most time.  Nothing special, but perfect for us.  The wire picture hangers were put in a few months ago and we love them!  We can rotate the kiddo's art, photos, Christmas cards, etc.  They are from Ikea and meant for curtains.

Consider this a "before pic" of our kitchen...we are going to do some painting and fun updates with Heathers' help!  Will give you all the nitty-gritty details as they come.

We know that we left out a few rooms...Maddux' room is always a work in progress these days and the guest room is just a pig-sty.  Maybe will take some pics just to give an open-forum for ideas!    Hope you had a great weekend.

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!