"Plane" on the brain...

As some of you know, our little man Maddux doesn't exactly talk yet!  He says only 4-5 words right now on a regular basis but one thing we do know-our man loves Airplanes!  He can point one out of the sky from a city away...I swear!  So when he said "plane" for the first time today, our heads were in the clouds (bad pun, I know)!  Then as I was casually going through my daily blog-list, I came across some of these terrific airplane party ideas!  I only wish I was this creative when he turned 2 (we already have the theme/idea for his 3rd birthday party) but I may need to hold onto these for later!  Check them out!

I adore the white chocolate cloud “fly” lollipop sticks, the airplane cake {notice – simple waffle cones and m & m’s are used to decorate the cake}, the milk cartons, and the airplane painting.  The grass floor is also a really cute touch.

...and this great party from Amy who shared some pictures of the party she did for her son who also has an infatuation with planes right now so they did a another great "Flight" party.  L-o-v-e the orange!!!

...and these are not "plane oriented" but I definitely thought they were worth a mention...these pics are from the lovely ladies, Jennifer and Marie of Sweets Indeed, with a vintage “travel with me” inspired dessert bar that will make you want to jump on a hot air balloon for an adventure.  This is such a creative spin on a travel party.  I love the vintage hot air balloon and luggage props, the bustled fabric curtain with sisal rope detail, the use of map wrapping paper decor, that dreamy and fluffy cloud-like butter cream cake, and all of the other goodies like cloud meringue, chocolate hot air balloons, and cloud-like mousse.

I better "take-off" now and get some stuff done (last bad pun for the day, I promise) Hope you enjoyed!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!

Credits:  http://blog.amyatlas.com