Something old & something new...

I have recently become a fan of mixing items from different times to create this eclectic look around the home.  "Found" objects have always excited me but it is super hard to take 2 toddlers to an antique market or salvage yard!  Yikes.  So, there are some items I would like to pair up together but also keep in mind that this is my "practice"...I am not very good at decorating or staging, so this is an attempt to get better and broaden my horizons...for 38+ people to judge???  

So here I've paired items from a vintage find website with great modern pieces from West Elm.  All of these items can probably be found (or something similar) at your local flea market and local West Elm location (or if you aren't lucky enough to have one close by, their website is gggggrrrrreat!)  Lets give it a try....

or what about a bunch of these baskets in that shelving piece holding magazines and old photos?

or what about a bunch of these bottles stacked on this cabinet?

or this beautiful chair with a funky orange side table?

and this cool bench with this great rug in an entryway? and the cute tool-holder?  perfect for mail!

or these old suitcases stacked with this lamp on top?

and what about this fun globe and some vintage clocks on this fun rounder?

and last but not least this great dining table with funky chairs and whimsical plates?

Hope you enjoyed!  

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!