We would like to accept this award on behalf of "Awesomeness..."

Today was a great day at "Ladybird & Fellow"!  2 really cool things happened to us which is very exciting!  Blogging is all very new to us, although we have very talented friends who help us out (ahem...Heather, Doni, Hollin, and Chelsey) but today was a big day all on our own!

We were listed as one of the "Most Stylish Blogs" according to the great blog of LiveLoveSmall!  Allison is a talented hot mama who also has a full-time job in Marketing!  Her adorable blog, www.livelovesmall.com has been a real treat to the eyes and she is sweet as can be!  We've reached out to one another to do a little "momma-marvelous" thing, but we are still working on that...thanks for the shout-out Allison!  We love you too!

I have a friend, Janis, who has decided to join in on the "Ladybird & Fellow" fun by letting us in on her crafty projects and we couldn't be more excited!  Janis is a hot momma of 2 and is quite the crafty gal!  She has threatened to come and steal my Godfrey sofa, but I really doubt she would drive 1500 miles....right?  Better lock the doors just in case!  

From Salvation Army finds, to magic with fabric, this gall has it all!  Keep an eye out for "Janis' Corner" coming soon to L&F!


Thanks for all the fun ahead and support!  We couldn't be happier with all the changes and we hope that you like them too (all 28 of you + a few stragglers)!  :)

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!