family terrariums-take #1

So, remember the post of yore about how terrariums were my new thing?  Well, here is attempt #1 to some good ol' terrarium fun.  Now, if you thought that this little project would be relaxing, almost would be incorrect.  At least not at my house.  So, with that being said, I think they turned out pretty good for a first attempt with my 4 and 2-year-old.

Now, lets keep in mind that I am dealing with 2 toddlers here...but the best part was when Paetyn ran downstairs with a dinosaur to add in.  Now, until our collection grows a little more, we've been keeping these on our coffee table.  Maybe not the smartest thing, but it's all worth it when Maddux walks by them, pauses, and lets out a mighty "ROAR" to his dino pal.  

I picked up all the jars at our local Goodwill and they ranged in price from .99-$3.99.  Not too shabby.  They are different shapes too to add a little more interest. 

I think they are a good start and just add a little "ummph" to any space.  It may become my new little hobby, because the cashier and Heather assured me that I wouldn't kill them (anyone could probably tell you that I don't have a green thumb...not even close). 

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!