Puppy love...

I got an email about our pups, so I thought I should do an introduction...Rocky is our Chocolate Lab and Tonka is our Jack Russell Terrier.  Now, before you begin to assume any breed stereo-types, believe me when I say that our dogs are not at all the same as their ancestors have been.  

Rocky, our Lab, is 6 years old and a big ol' baby!  He is scared of just about anything under the sun including the oven, dishwasher, wood floors, our camera (our new one "beeps" a lot),  and especially fireworks.  He is generally a pretty good dog who loves to wrestle and has a HUGE bark that would probably make most people walk the other way.  He sleeps at the end our bed and used to moan all the time all day long!  However, he is not a fan of the kids.  He was really good with them as babies, but as soon as they started crawling, he stopped being a fan.  He sighs deeply and usually leaves the room when one of them enters it, and goes about his day like a grumpy old man.  He is the kind and gentle giant when it is just J and I.  So weird.

Tonka, who is now 7 years old, is our bundle of energy!  She can run around for hours and never tire.  She is very curious and is our nanny for the kids.  She always lets us know when something is going on they we should be aware of.  Barking at Maddux when he climbs on the kitchen table, etc.  She is certainly our little hunter...of cats, crumbs, and an occasional mouse in our backyard.  She is a real cuddle-er...every time you sit down she is right there (be careful not to sit on her).  She is terrific with the kiddos!  Loves to play and cuddle and is super patient with them.  Not so much with other dogs, especially when they are near the kids.  She is protective and will lay the smack down if needed.  

A few funny stories about our pups...
  • J and I went to get the mail at one of our first apartments and when we walked back Tonka was walking around on the roof!  We had a window that was at roof level and she dug out the screen to greet us when we got back.
  • Both the dogs have run into the sliding glass door pretty good.
  • In our first apartment in Oregon, we were sitting in the front living room and the dogs somehow got trapped in the back bedroom.  We lived the first floor and we heard scratches at the front door...Tonka had gone out the window and had come to the front and we found Rocky trying to jump "back in" the window in the bedroom.
  • Rocky used to pick up his dog food and water bowl when they were empty and hide them around the house.  He doesn't do that anymore but it was really cute.
  • We left my parent's house in Lincoln, Nebraska for a few hours once and Tonka was hanging out with my mom and a few of her friends.  My mom was sitting at the kitchen table throwing the ball for Tonka when we left....4 hours later when we got back, she was STILL throwing the ball for her.  My mom just said "she kept giving me that look and I couldn't say "no"...
  • Tonka was the runt of her litter.  Couldn't tell now by her chub. 
  • I got Rocky for J as a gift and my pal Nadia and I went to pick him out from a local farm.  I knew I wanted a chocolate and Rocky was the only one.  We found him after about 30 minutes of searching the farm playing in the barn by himself.  He toppled over 3 times running to us.  Should have known he was a clumsy fool back then.
  • Tonka has been known to pee on my ex-boyfriends.  Not kidding.

So, there it is...our first children and our furry joys!  As most of you, they were a small introduction into parenthood and our family wouldn't be complete without them!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!