"A" is for Avery

I am so used to naming pieces from "The Modern Shed" so I had to give this gal a fresh new start as Avery!  We likey?  I found this bench at a thrift store with one of my pals and it was a steal at only $25!  We carried it right up to the register so no one would snag it.  Here is a dreadful before pic:

For the first time, I used a paint with mixed-in primer which seemed to cut an additional step out which was really nice.  Also, I picked up the color as a "mis-tint" for only $5.  Most of the time I find colors that I wouldn't normally use, but this was an instant hit.  And with a price tag at normally $43, it was a nice choice.  Here are a few more pics of the finished product...

Avery is staying in our home placed at the kitchen table, or up in our bedroom for a nice little place to sit.  I am visualizing something big, with her as a centerpiece!  More to share later.  Have a happy happy weekend! 

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!