Janis' Corner-Spool picture holders

I stole the idea from HERE.  Just had to get that out there!  I am not the best at coming up with my own ideas.  Every once in a while something comes along that is completely my creation.  But usually not.  :)

So, here's the project.  I have about a million wooden spools.  I bought them off etsy a few years ago while obsessing over Christmas ornaments.  Then I was going to make them into little people for a dollhouse.  Well, neither happened so they just sit.  Then I saw this picture holder idea.  I love making things that are useful and nice to look at.
wooden spools
saw of some sort - maybe even a steak knife

I dug into my "sharp stuff" drawer to find something to saw with.  The spools were actually really soft, so just about anything would work.  Which is good because most of the things I have are pretty dull.

Next, I tightened my spool into a clamp.

Saw!  It only took a minute or so until I had a nice groove.  Looking back I could have made deeper cuts... but the finished product is just fine.  :)

DONE!  Lots of uses, too!  I like them for little wallet size pictures.  That's me in the picture on the left and my husband on the right.  My kids love looking at pictures of us as kids!

*YIKES!  More spools in that jar... they may be multiplying! 

Happy crafting!