Stripe-y, stripe-y, we likey, likey...

Not dorky enough?  Really?  I am in a "stripe" phase...does anyone else get in a "phase" when a new season is approaching and a quick uplift is needed?  My current project: the Guest Room!

For those of you who don't know your way around our hallways, we have a T-I-N-Y guest room which unfortunately houses a lot of things.  We actually even took out the double-door closet to make some more room (it was over 2 feet deep so it made a big difference).  We have a lot of guests it seems, from J's friends who crash for weeks at a time, to an occasional friend for 1 evening, and my parents for days.  There is no room for bedside tables, so the surfaces are uber important and every inch has to be maximized!   So far, all that is housed in this room is a tall dresser (see sidebar pic) and a queen size bed which has no pizazz.  Pizazz is needed, my friends.

So, what is something that can make spaces look bigger?  You guessed it:  Stripes!  Here are a few of my favorite rooms of the horizontal persuasion. 

Apologies again for the bad "post title rhyme",
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!