another Sunday night...

So, another Sunday evening in the Rector household filled with giggles, tears, and a little bit of silly camera fun.  We got this great gift from the Easter bunny this morning (he's just great isn't he?)...

Easter bunny (aka Momma) found this little-kid gem at West Elm over the week and thought it would be a perfect (messy-free) art activity for Sunday night.  They come in card forms and even include some envelopes to send a friendly critter to a pal.

All you have to do is punch them out and get to work.  There are 20 different animals...we each picked one so we would have more for another rainy day...J picked the Lion, P picked the Kangaroo, M picked the Elephant, and I picked the Hippo.

And then P and I decided to have some fun with the animals are a few feet from P so it made it both challenging with a 4 year old, and super fun for a 30+ year old (and don't mind the splotch of grape jelly on the table)! 

Hope you had a restful and silly weekend too!
Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!