our happenings...

So, sorry about all the delays on some posts this week.  

Here is our life right now in a nutshell:  

We are trying to get Maddux into this specialty program for speech pathology and audiology.  They have confirmed that he is considered "special needs" in these particular areas (which is hard to swallow and very emotional in itself) but also the stress of enrolling him in this great program.  The fact of the matter is they only take 1 in 50 children and we have a series of 7 interviews and mounds of paperwork to fill out, including copies of our marriage certificates, Maddux' newborn paperwork, 5 recommendations from close friends, and an application process that could make you pull your hair out.  

I also got a new job which is keeping me super busy, but I am in love.  Back to my roots of my college degree (nothing feels better than using that little piece of paper that we all work so hard for).  I worked some crazy hours this week including going into work at 4am on Wednesday and Thursday (that's dedication, right?).  I wanted to see the process from beginning of the day to the end.  I would give you more details but the manufacturing plant is super secretive (they make components for military and navy ops) but lets just say:  its very interesting!

I also accepted a challenge that won't be happening until October that has been in the works for a few months.  Its a little scary...okay, A LOT scary but very exciting.  It definitely will get J and I out of our comfort zone.  More to come about that later...

Funny thing is that I just came in from gardening...that's right.  Gardening.  At 9pm at night.  There was just enough light from the front porch and the night breezes in Oregon are awesome!  Got the littles into bed and decided to pull some weeds,  and layout the new plants that the kiddos and I picked up tonight after dinner.  Our front gardening bed (which is very special to us because J and I built it ourselves) it going to look great this spring.  Thank goodness for all the help at the flower store because I certainly don't have a green thumb.  

I am also finishing up a new dresser for Maddux' room.  The bookcase he has is great and looks great, but the mail-slots at the top are sort of a waste of space and there isn't enough room to store all his goodies and toys.  So, we picked up a fabulous dresser at a local goodwill for $20 and we painted it a great green.  I don't have a knack of picking out colors, but ladies, I think I done good on this one.  It is going to be perfect next to his pale blue walls and I can't wait to share pics.  More importantly, I can't wait for it to get done!

We have friends coming over Saturday night for dinner which is going to be a blast, however I haven't done any shopping or cleaning. 

Overall, the cup runeth over right now.  

Thanks for letting me rant for a little while.  I feel overwhelmed and very blessed at the same time for all the things in the past we can let go, and all the things for the future that we get to embrace.  We are so fortunate, and the hard times just make you realize what is important and simply what isn't.  Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and we will share details of all our happenings as they happen!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!