backyard reveal...finally!

So, after 4 years in the making...our dream backyard space is finally finished!  Be prepared...this has a lot of pictures.  We fell in love with the space 4 years ago when we bought what would probably be our one-and-only home.  We had 9 things on our list of must-haves in our house hunt and this home hit the marks in every area...except for one.  The yard!  Land doesn't come cheap here in Oregon, so the space and length were great to us.  We saw the potential...but just needed the time to write it down and make sure we would have some something we would be happy with for years to come!  Here are some more horrendous before pics before we let you get to the good stuff!


And here are the afters: (drum roll please)...

Okay, so here are some of the details of the project:
  • 28 100-foot trees had to be taken out...yup, I said 28!
  • 26 bags of bark
  • 5 pallets of patio pavers
  • 13 bags of sand
  • 1 big loud bulldozer
  • 1 HUGE dumpster
  • 8 mighty men (including the hubs)
  • 9 pots of plants (and 25 shrubs)
  • 1 love seat (found on Craigslist and repainted)...threw a sheet over the cushions because who are we kidding?  I can wash a sheet!
  • 1 patio table (I painted the stripes and painted the old chairs to match)...more to follow on that
  • 9 strings of lights
  • 8 beers and 2 pizzas for the crew (yup, we are the best patio hosts ever!)
  • and finally, patience and energy to put up with it all.  Phew.
...and our retaining wall area is sprouting some more fun:

We hope you enjoy...I am outta breath people!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!