Portland picks...Major League Soccer

We had a pretty fun-filled week including our first Major League Soccer game.  The Portland Timbers made their Major-League debut less than a month ago, and the city of Portland couldn't be more excited!  We decided to buy some tickets for the week of J's birthday, and we got our best babysitter to come and watch the kiddos.

When we walked in, we noticed the gorgeous field, pretty stadium, and CRAZY Portlanders (not in that order).  They weren't kidding when they said that MLS has the best fans!  We sat in our 6th row seats and buckled down for a cold night and good time!

We of course, enjoyed the stadium food including hot dogs, burgers, cheddar fries (top-notch) and enjoyed the entire game (half of it was spent watching the crazy lady a few seats down from us) and giving each other that "aren't you glad I don't act like THAT look".  Priceless!

Some advice for Portland-Timbers-game-goers (based off our one-time visit...we are NO pros):
1.  Get there early!  There isn't a ton of parking down by the stadium, and there are a lot of great bars and pubs to visit and get "warmed up" in before heading to Jeldwen field.
2.  Bring a blanket made for 2...or 3...or 4!  It can turn cold and rainy quick in P-town.
3.  Don't rely on the stadium shops to get your authentic Timbers scarf...EVERYONE had one; except for us :(
4.  There is a crazy guy (the official "Timber" mascot) that walks around and randomly turns on his chain saw.  It startles you and feels like you are in some kind of "Rudy/Chain Saw Massacre" movie.

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!