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$5 additions...

On this last Saturday our neighborhood had garage sales and I was sooooo good and stayed away from all the tempting opened garage doors with goodies hidden inside.  We just did a MAJOR clean-out in our house and I decided that there was nothing in the community garage sales that I needed...until...

I was talking to my neighbor as our kiddos played outside and spotted 2 lonely chairs sitting at our neighbors house.  I walked over and asked how everything was today and he said "I have these 2 chairs left over...want them?"  "How much?" I say.  He shrugs and says "$5 each?"  I say: "DEAL!"

I think I will reupholster them when I get the nerve to rip away at the fabric, but for $10 they fit perfect in our living room.  

...and because we were feeling sorry for ourselves, Maddux and I picked these roses...

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!