patio table DIY...

So, I got a few emails about our patio table and chair DIY project, so here's the breakdown....the entire project only cost $42 including the table, chairs, and painting supplies.

Here is a nasty pic of the table and chairs before they were transformed...

We picked up the table at a local Goodwill for $25 a few weeks ago and the chairs were a steal at the neighborhood garage sale last year for $5 for a set of 4.  They have a great shape and are comfy to boot!

The first thing they all needed was a good power-wash and then a light prime job with a can from Home Depot.  The gal at HD suggested a "car" primer because of the metal.  I was a tad skeptical but it turned out great and dried super fast!  Then I painted the took 2 coats of a spray paint (also from HD) with a total of 3 cans.

Then it was time to prep the table...I bought 2 inch thick painters tape and simply started at one end.  The table has a slight rim to it so it was easy as pie laying it out and trimming with a sharp knife. 

I used our handy 2-inch thick leveler to lay the tape straight and the perfect width (so I wouldn't have 1 weird end after going to work of laying everything).  I then used my Anthro card to smooth down all the tape strips (obviously any hard card will do, but my Anthro card always makes me feel "warm and gooey" inside).

After everything was laid, I did a light coat of the gray spray paint on the table top and legs.  After about 30 minutes in the shade, the tape was ready to pull off.  It came off smooth (that's why I love to use the Scotch brand painters tape) and waalaah.  It was just what we wanted!  Adds just a touch of modern to our traditional patio!  

Total time: about 40 minutes (not including the scrubbing of primer off my finger of the hazards of using spray paint primer).  

So, there you go ladies (and some gents)...hope this was helpful.  Need more helpful hints?  Go ahead and email us!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!