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well-loved {thrift}...

My pal Kelsey and I got to go thrifting the other day and we found some gems.  I got this "paint-by-numbers" for $3.09.  Yes...$3.09.  Crazy weird price.  This is my second "paint-by-numbers" piece and I am beginning to fall in love with the colors, vintage style, and history.  I may be collecting more of these :).  This is the treasure on the back:

Found this little wooden box that I thought was fun so I snagged it up for $3.99...

...and I found the perfect use for it:  CD's!  We have a large itunes collection, but still can't bear to let go of the good ol' classic CD's.  These are the only ones that made the cut for our last Goodwill run...

And my little steal for the day were these chairs for $10/pair.  Nice, right?  I have some fun plans for these so more of that to come (as soon as I can find some time to actually do them).  We have about 4 other projects going on in our garage right now, so our cup runeth over for the projects.  Hopefully we will be able to wrap some up on this nice long weekend.

Hope you have a nice, warm, and relaxing weekend filled by good food, good friends, and good times!

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!