organization...linen closet

With a little extra time on my hands lately (work has been slower and Paetyn has been spending a lot of nights away at the grandparents') I took the opportunity to explore the storage spots in our home and tweak them to maximize every inch.  Who doesn't need a little help in organizing and storage?... especially in a smaller home with 2 kids, 2 adults, and 2 dogs who seem to take up every OTHER inch in this house.  

A linen closet was a must-have on our house wish list, and although they aren't uncommon in houses, I treat mine like a temple.  When my linen closet is clean and clutter-free, my life seems "clean" and "clutter-free."  

It is a small space but it does the trick holding everything from band-aids to binkies, and from shampoo to our stun gun.  Just kidding!

Here are some of our organization tips (for you Brenda) and what works for us.  

We try and clean stuff out as often as we need it, and don't hold onto anything we don't use.  We even have a "donation" basket (a laundry basket that has a tag like the other bins) so we can throw clothes in there as soon as the kids outgrow them.

I keep all the "like items" together and put all the kiddo stuff down low so the kids can help with laundry.  Everything is also labeled (we used a handy laminater and index cards, but anything will do):

These bins which house the medicine, ointments, and thermometers, etc., are kept up high and out of the kids' reach and are labeled so you can do a quick grab job in a pinch.

For example, here is the bandages bin with everything needed if someone gets a "ouchy."  Band-aids for both kids (and Transformers for Jeremiah)...somehow picking out the band-aid in this house is as good as a kiss. :)  I swear that I have seen both of my children throw themselves down on the pavement for a glimpse of our band-aid bin...

So, we've got the linen closet covered.' closets...calm down people.  Don't let your enthusiasm take over :)

Best wishes,
Lindsay "Ladybird" & Jeremiah "Fellow"!