chill in the air...

Portland's weather has certainly turned "fall-like" the last few days with scarves around our shoulders and a little chill in the air.  I love fall and I was happy to see this weather (even though it's only September 1st and generally we Portlanders are still due for a little heat and humidity).
I am also excited because we are in full force for the planning of our big Halloween party...hey, Halloween is only 2 months away people! :)  Since Paetyn turns 5 in September and Maddux will be 3 in November, we talked about having a combination Halloween/Birthday party for the both of them this year.  Planning this has been an absolute blast and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!!  The invites have been ordered and decorations/party supplies are all on their way from various Etsy shops and fun stores online.  October 29th is the big day and we and the kiddos are pumped!!  We even have a count-down to Halloween calendar that J and I made up that uses stickers to cover the days that pass.  We have a large group of people invited (and you will have your invites hand-delivered to you in the next few weeks!)  

Paetyn also starts a new preschool in a few weeks and she is ecstatic.  We have been planning for this since we discovered that she misses the Kindergarten cut-off by a measly 2 weeks.  I was happy to keep her at home for another year, but we knew that she needed an environment that was more education based (to keep her mind busy) and some separation from little brother would be nice too. They are two entirely different people and we want their individualistic personalities to shine!  Most parents will tell you that their kiddos are "night and day", but you never really believe it until you see your children at young ages veer in totally 2 directions on everything.  The program she starts is art-based so 3 days a week she will get to indulge in some creative activities and play.  We couldn't be more thrilled for her!

Anyone who knows us also can see that Paetyn went through "terrible 4's" more than any other year.  I don't know why other parents don't tell you this but let me be the first:  terrible 2's, horrible 3's are nothing compared to the "tumultuous 4's" (that is what we refer to it in our household).  What is interesting is that no one tells you this BEFORE they hit 4...I suppose other parents don't want to crush your spirit when you think the worst is behind you when you've survived the 2's and 3's...although lately she has turned a new leaf and become this "lady."  No longer my "little girl" sometimes.  And now things are even more awesome because when she is great, so is Maddux.  He mimics her in a lot of ways, so when she behaves, he behaves.  It is heaven in a 4 bedroom home.  Honestly!  I better soak it up before it goes away :). 

We are hoping to get some projects (AKA-Paetyn's room) wrapped up before my long weekend is over, but only time will tell....and it ain't looking good.  So many little projects that take up time!  My goodness...who knew that I would be the one so particular about Paetyn's room.  I hope to share pictures soon. starts!  Woohoo!  We are certainly a football-loving household and there is simply nothing better than the sound of a band playing the Nebraska Corn Husker fight song (that is my Alma mater) on the television with a cool breeze running through the house and burgers on the grill.  Deep sigh.  Can't wait!!

Hope you are all well!  Thanks for listening to me "rant".  I appreciate it :)