Halloween party invites...

This past weekend was full of naps, eating, naps, more eating, and some Halloween fun (hey, at least we got something done).  The printed invites we ordered arrived in the mail last week and then we bustled down and got to the business of making up our fun Halloween party invitation treats.  The printed cardstock came from InvitationBox and with a $10 coupon, free shipping, and 10% off my order...they ended up being less than $1 each.  Now, had I actually made them (which we considered) the time, supplies, and energy would have added up to worth a lot of more than a measly $1 so we opted for the stress-free online version.  Whatchya think?

I picked up a 100-pack of paper bags at the local grocery store, about 8 bags of candy from Target, a 100-piece pack of spooky spider rings, and some black and white craft ribbon and this is what we came up with:

They were a ton of fun to make and easy to boot!  We first filled up all the baggies with candy (40 total):

Folded over the top by about 3 inches, hole-punched the cardstock and paper bag, strung the black and white string through with 2 spiders attached, tied the string, and then trimmed it off.  Easy peasy.  The kiddos certainly helped (Maddux handed me the invites one at a time VERY carefully, and Paetyn picked out the rings for each bag). Helpful hint:  We have several friends who are allergic to peanuts so the sacks with the same colored rings are for those folks with fruit roll-ups, Starbursts, Skittles, etc. (That is if you don't want to write on the bag itself which we tried and wasn't too pretty). 

So, one more thing to cross off our Halloween to-do list.  Phew.  Speaking of kinda "spooky and scary", check out the before on 2 of our current projects:

Don't you fret!  I will have some "non-scary" after pics to share soon! ;)