Paetyn's room...finally

So, we've finally wrapped up mostly everything in P's room.  Sorry it took so long, but plans change and toddlers sometimes rule the world and change their minds too :)  Like I had mentioned before, Paetyn moved into Maddux's old room a few months ago to a baby-blue wall color, drab curtains, and a not-so-fun space for a little gal.  So, we took the plunge and decided to repaint, rearrange, and add a bit of fun into this very small space.  Check it out:

We had plans to decapouge the dresser, but once we got it placed we decided it just didn't need it.  So, I threw on a coat of bright white paint to refresh it.  The "castle" lamp was a thrift store find that I also had plans to paint, but P was so anxious to have a "big-girl lamp" in her room that we put it there and never did anything to it except add a shade from PotteryBarn that I found for $13.99. 

The wall color doesn't have "a name"...the dude at Sherwin Williams was an absolute doll to make me a custom color.  If you want the "specs" for it, just email me and I would be happy to give it to you so you can find something similar at your local SW store.

We went with a plain white duvet from Target ($24.99) which is super easy to clean and then we can change up the accessories easily when we want to.  We had the quilt already at the end of the bed, and the linen curtains came from Home Depot.  I have plans to add a raspberry string of pom-poms to the inside vertical seam for a little extra fun.

The little white mirror (which is actually plasic!) and the botanical print are both Goodwill finds for under $6 each.  The paper mask is an Etsy find (I bought a set of 4 different animal masks) and the coo-coo clock is also a thrift store find (for $4.99).  I just love may be my favorite piece in the room actually.
Also, the shelves were cut down to fit the little niche on the opposite wall of her bed and they were from our old garden bed in our backyard that we dug up when we redid that space.  I held onto them because I thought we could use them for something...and I am glad I did.  The brackets are from Ikea ($4 each) and I haven't decided what I should do with them.  Paint them or leave them be.  They are fine for now until I can figure out the best (and easiest and cheapest) plan.

The striped flooring is something J and I did years ago...I am not really sure how we came up with the idea, but it was as simple as installing the floor itself, we simply bought the two tones to make an impact in such a small space.  Maddux loves to put his cars on them as "roads." 

The bench under the shelves was a craigslist find from a few years acts as great storage.  My plans were to find a vintage pew for that niche, but I haven't been able to find one with the right length (or price).  I would ultimately like to throw some pillows up there for a cozy reading nook, but with 2 toddlers, who am I kidding?  They will end up on the floor as launch pads in T-minus2 seconds.

Sorry for the lack of good pictures, I was never quite home when the sun streams in her window so these will have to do.  Hope you all had a great Monday!