remember these???

Do you remember the weird (and quite frankly creepy before)?:

I think she turned out pretty nice considering all things :)  I found her at HomeGoods for $7.99 and thought, would this be crazy?  Paetyn was with me and she said "go for it" so we threw it in the cart.  I primed her with some spray primer, and then added some high-gloss white paint.  I don't know if she will stick around.  Everytime Maddux walks in the room he sly-ly avoids the wall she hangs on and watches her out of the corner of his eye.  I don't think he trusts it.  As a matter of fact, neither does Jeremiah.

And, do you remember these guys?:

Dirty and dingy with some need of repair.  I found them at a Goodwill for $5.99 and they seemed kinda cool, but certainly needed some work.  I repaired the cracks with cement filler, gave them a good cleaning, a fresh coat of primer and paint, and they turned into this:

They found a nice little home on our desk with some of my favorite magazines.  They are funky and cool...just how I like 'em.  Come to think of it, Maddux doesn't really like these either.  Hmmm... :)