some time away...

Jeremiah and I decided about a month ago that we should get away before the weather went too cold and our work/life schedules allowed for it.  We decided to stick close to home but managed to get away for 4 nights and 5 blissful days to the coast.  And when I mentioned it to my parents a few weeks ago, they offered to take the kiddos and dogs for our time away.  Score. 

We started our trip on Sunday heading down to Ashland which is very charming and has great food and shops.  We stayed there Sunday night, went out to breakfast on Monday morning with my big brother and their new baby, Drayson.  Then we headed to Cave Junction where we had made reservations for canopy zip-lining.  We went on a 6-line course that took us up 75+ feet.  We both had times as fast as 45 miles per hour!  It was so fun!!

Now, it may be hard to tell how far up we where, but to give you an this point we were 3 stories high and that ladder sitting there next to my feet wasn't just for fun.  It took us 12 feet higher onto a tree branch where we took our final jump.  Most of the pictures didn't turn out too well because it was rainy,we were both shaking in fear and out of coldness, and well, we were 70+ feet off the ground :)

The last test of our nerves was something they called the "Tarzan swing."  You are harnessed in, and take hold of some handle bars that wrap around a tree and then is pulled by a golf cart until you travel to the tree top.  When you choose to, you let go and free-fall and swing high through the tree tops.   Lets look at an example of my husband, shall we?

Here's the breakdown:  Black arrow: the hubs a few seconds after he let go, blue arrow: where he started, and green arrow: where you eventually land after a few swings over my head.  We each went twice and after we changed our underwear, we were off to Brookings :)

We got to sleep in, eat great food, went shopping, took naps, watched movies, and our last full day it was bright and sunny on the beach so we headed down to the water.

Then we made our way up beautiful scenic Highway 101 and met my parents and the kiddos at the aquarium...perfect ending spot for our little getaway.  A short 2-hour drive home where Paetyn and Maddux talked nonstop about their week and we pulled into our driveway with 2 very happy dogs waiting for us.  It was a great time away and we are so grateful that we were able to re-energize and relax.  

Hope you all had a great week too!!