10 "discoveries" from this week...

1.  Tina Fey's book "Bossypants" is as funny as everyone says.  I think I have both snorted and cried of laughter in this past week.

2.  We've discovered that the Tooth Fairy is now available via email.  Paetyn lost her very first tooth on Monday and we "emailed" her to let her know since there was no evidence of a tooth lost (except for the gaping hole in her bottom row because the poor thing swallowed the tooth). 

3.  The Tooth Fairy also delivers PetShops if that is what your heart contents.

4.  It is hard to admit, but sometimes friendships just don't last.

5.  My mom makes the best Turkey Salad ever.  I look forward to it more than the Thanksgiving turkey itself.  That's right.  I said it.

6.  Yoga is kicking my ass.  But it feels soooo good.

7.  You know your daughter is sassy when you say "You'd better put your INside voice on before I put you OUTside."  And then your daughter says "I will get my coat."  Ahhh, parenthood.

8.  I think they put a McDonald's next to my yoga class on purpose.  I am crazy for some fries and a chocolate milkshake after a good work out.  I am not sure how much more I can resist and I have only had 2 classes.

9.  My German coworker said to me the other day "I love Oregon in the fall."  I looked at him crazy and asked "Why?  It is absolutely the worst."  He says "because I can fart and rain drowns out the noise and the wind carries it away."  I was speechless.

10.  I made my entire yoga class fall out of the downward dog pose tonight when the instructor came by when we were all in position and said "were those your kids that you walked in with tonight?"  I said strained in concentration "yes."  She then walked behind me and said "if you don't mind me saying you have a terribly nice butt for having 2 kids."  I paused.  "Well," I said, "thanks.  But they didn't come out of my ass."  Everyone fell apart laughing.  Classic.