It's an Etsy Christmas...

Shop: Colette Bream

As most of you parents out there know, Christmas planning starts a few weeks ago when the toy-books arrive in the mail from the major big-box stores and your little ones lay down on the floor with a pen and circle a few items they want to ask from Santa.  

We've decided to also take a look at Etsy for some fun holiday gifts for everyone in the fam.  We'll do a little post for a few different people you may be shopping for at your house!  

First are some of our favorites that we found for the little lady in the house :)

Shop: Dancing in Rains

Shop: Twirl Away

Shop: Maiko

Shop: Small Talk Studio

Shop: Reformed Art Cubes

Shop: Applenamos

Shop: Mikland Heather

Shop: Kittybblove

Shop: Jane Foster

Shop: Lovemaestore

Store: MD Sparks

Shop: BabyJivesCo