Strawser & Smith...

I am really beginning to love the look of "industrial."  Rustic, historic, and visually stimulating.  I am not really sure how to begin to incorporate that look in our 1994 cookie-cutter home, but I love the look just the same.  My mom used to have this really old metal file cabinet in her sewing room when I was young and I always loved it.  Also she had an old metal paper roller that you would put the really large rolls of paper on.  You would have to pull and tear it off with the metal edge.  Very little sounds excite me more than the sound of that paper ripping off.  

I came across this website Strawser&Smith which has amazing industrial finds that make me drool.  Check out some of our favs:

If you are ever in the New York area, would you pick me up the old scale?  I think it would be great to weigh our chocolate lab :)  Have a great Thursday!