"styled" coffee table...

Now, as you know I majorly suck at decorating...I can admire other homes in magazines and in person and KNOW what I like, but getting there is an entire different story.  As I mentioned before, I did a little "refresh" of our pedestal coffee table by painting it black and moving it to another room where it will be a big focus in the space.  This challenge was both intriguing and frightening to me because I am not used to "styling" my coffee table.  But here it goes...this is what we've come up with:


I took a trip to West Elm where the great "honeycomb" vase was waiting for me and I was pleased as punch. Let me be the first to say that we don't usually do roses...I like them and all, but I am not a gal who is known for fresh flowers in the house.  Although I was sick and J took pity on me when I cocked my head to one side looking at an empty vase and I said "red roses would look great, don't ya think?"  He's a good egg :)

I knew I wanted a tray (as a lot of coffee tables have) but I could never find one the right scale, color, or price.  However while looking at the West Elm Sale section I found this great plate that has 4 great prints on it with rich browns and navy's which are great for our living room.  I snagged it up for $14.99 and went on my way.  The lady at the store said "and then you'll have it handy when you have a cheese party!"  Are you kidding me lady?  The only cheese we have around here is string cheese.  I politely replied "of course!  I didn't even think of that!"

The little piggy was actually a Paetyn find...we went down to SE Portland for her eye appointment a few weeks ago and found it at "House of Vintage" which is a great shop (if you have the time...it is HUGE).  I also found some old watercolor prints that I should be able to share soon. She picked it out and it was perfect. It is a vintage piggy bank if you couldn't tell...we put 1 penny in it for good luck.

I had the little rope box and placed the jax on top (bought that at Anthro last year) and the little bud vase was a sale item from Anthro that I found a few weeks ago when I went to Bridgeport Village for lunch with friends.  $7.95 and it was mine!

Well, there you have it.  Nothing too spectacular and nothing too extreme.  Pretty simple and "styled"...I hope.  :)

Sick in bed all day so I am just playing with our new laptop and keeping warm from the dogs.  Hope you all have a great Thursday :)