winter wrap-up...

I will admit that I love our Dwell duvet cover (the black and white one) and I have had it on the bed for over a year now almost.  But what do I love more?  Rearranging things!  So, when I saw this cool geometric pattern duvet cover at Target by Thomas O'brien for $19.99 and it was in the size we needed I threw it in the cart.  I just love it in contrast with our bold black and white duvet which will stay on our bed (and if I have it my way it will remain there until it turns to threads).

What is another plus is that I didn't even think about what was on the back-side of the duvet cover until I opened it and it was a beautiful heather grey.  Easily reversible and versatile.

Then I came across these 2 matching botanical prints at Goodwill for $7.99 each and snagged them up too.  My old mirror broke (picture a tear running down my cheek) so it was empty for some time above our headboard.  So when I saw these, I thought it would a good fit.

We had a lot more pillows on the bed, so I threw them aside and decided on a single plaid one (which is actually the backside of a popular Ikea pillow) and called it good.  Simple and easy.  I also opted for 2 duvet covers inside the new duvet and let me explain my craziness before you begin judging....No?  Too late?  Well too bad...I went with 2 duvet covers so that I could pull one out when the temperature changes in the spring rather than be stuck with an insert too heavy for the upcoming seasons.  Crazy or crazy smart?  Not sure either :) 

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!